VMTH Training

The UC Learning Center is a learning management system (LMS) deployed across the University of California for systemwide employee training and development.

For LMS, supervisors email sdps@ucdavis.edu & request to add the employee under a specific supervisor & list the courses needed.

  • Animal Care and Use 101
  • Hazard Communications
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • UC Davis Hazard Communications Addendum
  • VMTH Back Safety
  • VMTH BioWaste Handling and Disposal
  • VMTH Chemical Safety and Spill Control
  • VMTH Compressed Gas Cylinder
  • VMTH Discharge and Pick-up Procedures for Deceased Pets
  • VMTH Fire Extinguisher
  • VMTH General Safety
  • VMTH IIPP and EAP (Combined course)
  • VMTH Large Animal Carcass Delivery to Anatomic Pathology
  • VMTH Sharps Safety
  • VMTH Small Animal Carcass Delivery to Anatomic Pathology

For additional service area specific training, please see your supervisor.


EH&S Recommended Training/Safety Talks

Additional training resources recommended by EH&S