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Training (Faculty, Staff, Paid/Non-Paid Students and Visitors/Volunteers)

What training do I need for a new employee?

What training do I need as a continuing employee?

How long do I keep training records for?

  • Recommendation is 5 years after a staff member leaves

Why do we need SO much safety training?

  • Regulation requires us to train on all hazards present in the workplace. It is because of exposure to such hazards and injuries that these provisions have been put into place.

Biological Safety

How do I start a Biological Use Authorization (BUA)?

How do I amend a BUA?

How do I add/delete users?

How do I dispose of biohazardous/medical/ pathological waste?

Chemical Safety

How/where do I access UC Chemicals?

How do I dispose of hazardous chemicals (WASTe)?

How do I get approved to utilize controlled substances for research?

Radiation Safety

How do I start a Radiological Use Authorization (RUA)?

How do I dispose of radiological waste (WASTe)?

Laser Safety

How do I start a Laser Use Authorization (LUA)?

Animal Care

How do I start working with animals in my lab (OHSS)?

How do I start/access an Animal Care protocol (IACUC)?

Where do I find resources to assist with animal procedures?


How do I get an ergonomics evaluation?

Equipment Management

How do dispose of surplus and or broken equipment?

How do you decommission equipment for disposal?

How do I large move equipment from one space to another?

Who do I contact to certify/decontaminate my Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)?

Who do I contact to certify my fume hood?

  • Facilities conducts annual re-certifications of fume hoods
  • Is your hood past due re-certification? Call facilities at 530-752-1655

Who checks communal eyewash/shower stations?

  • We have a team from EH&S that does monthly eyewash/shower station checks; facilities conducts yearly testing

Who checks lab specific eyewash stations?

Who checks fire extinguishers (monthly/annually)?

  • We have a team from EH&S that does monthly fire extinguisher checks; the fire department conducts yearly checks

Field Safety (off site related work/outdoor related activities)

Does my work fall under Field Safety?

How do I develop a Field Safety Plan?

Crane and Hoist

How do I get my cranes and hoists certified?

Facilities Management

Who do I contact if something isn’t working in the lab or my building?

Heat Illness

Do I need heat illness training?