SVM Students


Respirator Clearance Form Instructions

Go online to Student Health and Counseling Services

Login to Healthemessaging

Go to "Messages."

SH Login


Create "New Message" and select "Student Health Services (Medical Services)."

Student Health

Select "Request Respirator Clearance (SON/VetMed Only)."

SH Respirator Clearance


When completing the respirator questionnaire/clearance form, please select the following:

  • When using respirator, work is: Light
  • Shifts per week respirator is worn:  Less than 1
  • Length of time respirator is worn during shift:  Less than 1 hour
  • Anticipated Equipment use:  (Please mark all that apply):  N95/Dust/Particulate (Health Care and/or Veterinary Worker)
  • Submission type:  New/first-year student

Complete form and submit.

Medical Clearance Status

Clearances should be completed within two weeks of submissions.  If you have met the clearance requirements to wear a respirator, Student Health will contact you using the Health-e-Messaging system once they have reviewed your submission.  You will be notified through Health-e-Messaging if there are any problems, if they require a clearance appointment, or if you have been cleared. 

Once you have received your clearance, please:

  • Forward a copy to Curricular Support Team at  AND
  • PRINT and BRING a  copy to your respiratory fit test appointment.

Respiratory Fit Test and Training

Academic Programs will inform you of their respiratory fit testing schedule.  Typically, they are scheduled in the Fall and Spring.  To wear a respirator, you must have been fit tested within the year. During your respiratory fit test, you will also receive training on the use of a respirator.  

A  Fit Test is performed at Occupational Health and with a N-95 respirator.  Students with facial hair should remember that it should not extend beyond the face-sealing area of the mask.  This will jeopardize the ability of the mask to properly seal and protect against contaminants.