UC Davis Safety Services has a new system and website in place to address most ergonomic needs.

Their website has an “Ergonomics Program Services” section containing a lot of useful information. You can request an evaluation here as well.

For computer workstation/desk set-up, the Ergonomics Program Director with UC Davis Occupational Health Services recommends that all UC Davis employees start by conducting a self-assessment of their set-up before requesting an official ergonomic evaluation.

To do so, please visit the Ergonomics Evaluation webpage and follow the steps provided.

  • For smaller equipment needs, such as mice, keyboards, and other accessories (see “Step 7”), The ergonomics program has prepared a list of products that are recommended and do not need official approval for ordering.  This page is meant to serve as a guideline, thus you are not limited to using only these products.


  • For desk chairs and other furniture needs (see “Step 8”). UC Davis also has a Furniture Program. They currently have a showroom with several models of chairs and sit-stand workstations for you to view and try out. If you would like to see them, please contact the Furniture Program Coordinator to arrange an appointment ( )

Furniture Program Coordinator
Mariette Malessy

During your appointment, a “chair fitting” will be conducted to help you select a chair specific to your needs. The Furniture Program will handle the ordering process for you as well. They also have chairs available that can be borrowed or rented for one month, which you may consider doing before purchasing one.
If you need further assistance contact your Department Safety Coordinator for further assistance.

UC Davis Ergonomics Program
Office: (530) 752-6051