If you work in an area where a respirator is required, please complete the following steps in obtaining a respirator.

  1. Respirator Questionnaire - Filled out by the employee and faxed over to Occupational Health (530)752-5277 (fax #)
  2. Request and Authorization for Medical Services Form - Filled out by supervisor and faxed over to Occupational Health (530)752-5277 (fax #)
    • Respiratory Fit Testing and respirators issued through Occupational Health is free of charge to the employee.  A recharge number is requested for "No show" appointments.
    • Depending on the type of work being performed, please make sure to note what type of respirator is being requested and/or what type of contaminants/hazards are being worked on.  This will help Occupational Health decide what respirator to test/issue and the type of cartridges that will be needed.
  3. Once both have been submitted (please wait a few hours), CALL Occupational Health at (530)752-6051 to schedule an appointment. 

UC Davis Safety Services - Respiratory Protection Program