Reporting an Injuryinjury

University Policy requires that work-related injuries and illnesses be reported to Workers’ Compensation within 24 hours of occurrence and state regulation requires all accidents be investigated. For any work-related injury, follow the procedures below:

Use the Injury and Illness Report (IIR) to report work-related injury, illness, or exposure. This is the site to use to submit and manage claims.

Information on how to submit claims and complete the form can be found here

  • Employees will immediately notify their supervisor when occupationally-related injuries and illnesses occur, or when employees first become aware of such problems.
  • Supervisors will investigate all accidents, injuries, occupational illnesses, and near-miss incidents to identify the causal factors or attendant hazards. Appropriate repairs or procedural changes will be implemented promptly to mitigate the hazards implicated in these events.

UC Affliates (volunteers) - fill out an Incident Report

Biohazard Incident Report

  • In the event of :
    • Any spill of recombinant DNA or infectious agents
    • Injuries and accidental autoinoculation, ingestion, or inhalation of infectious agents
    • Any accidental release of recombinant plants or plant pathogens to the environment

      Notify your immediate supervisor and EH&S. A Biohazard Incident Report should be completed - in most cases when an EFR is submitted, a biohazard exposure report will be triggered by the EFR - if it is in an environmental release of plant related material (not harmful to people) complete the Biohazard Incident Report.