Personal Protective Equipment Policy (UCD and SVM)

Personal Protective Equipment Policy (UCD and SVM)

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) concerning personal protective equipment and clothing will abide by all UCOP/UCD/EH&S policies and procedures.  The UCD Policy and Procedures Manual 290-50 and the UC Policy on Personal Protective Equipment will be adhered to with the following clarifications / additions that are specific to the SVM:

UC Policy and Personal Protective Equipment, Pages 4/5


B.  Minimum Attire and Personal Protective Equipment Requirements for Laboratories/Technical Areas

1.  Attire when occupying a Laboratory/Technical Area

a. Full length pants (or equivalent) and closed toe/heel shoe attire must be worn at all times by all workers who are occupying or entering a laboratory /technical area. The area of skin between the pants and shoe should shall not be exposed.

2.  PPE when working with, or adjacent to, hazardous material use areas within a Laboratory/Technical Area.

a. Laboratory coats (or equivalent protective garments) …. In addition, …..eyewear.

SVM addition/clarification:  All workers in laboratory/technical areas must wear laboratory coats and safety glasses at all times while performing a laboratory procedure/activity, while passing through an existing hazard zone/area or while observing a laboratory procedure/protocol.  Additional PPE may be required as determined by the hazard assessment(s) (LHAT) of the laboratory.

      Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)

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