Controlled Substances Policy (UCD and SVM)

Controlled Substances Policy (UCD and SVM)

UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Chapter 290, Health and Safety Services Section 70, Controlled Substances

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) concerning controlled substances will abide by all UCD/EH&S/DEA regulatory standards and policies.  The UCD Policy and Procedures Manual 290-70 will be adhered to with the following additions that are specific to the SVM:

PPM 290-70, Page 6

IV. Procedures

G. Storage and Use

  1. Controlled substances must be stored in a location approved by the Program Administrator (EH&S and SVM Safety Officer)
  2. Storage facilities must meet the following minimum requirements:
     a. Storage cabinet must have inaccessible hinges when the door is closed and locked. No hasp/padlock allowed.
     b. Cabinet should be securely affixed to the building structure or otherwise incapable of being moved.
     c. The cabinet must have a built-in tumbler-type lock. No hasp/padlock allowed.
     d. Metal cabinets shall be used to secure controlled substances.
    e. No signage or other indication that the cabinet is used for controlled substances.


EH&S Controlled Substances Training